About Us

Creating thriving communities

Over many years of developing our communities, we understand how important it is to form strong relationships with our trusted partners that help us create a better place to live.

We see projects through, from initial urban design and planning to construction, finance, sales and marketing, to ensure that our demanding quality standards are maintained throughout. We call this building with integrity, and it is why our communities thrive.

The values of trust, respect and commitment determine our conduct. Our reputation is built on integrity, and it drives us to achieve the best outcomes with every project we undertake.

Our commitment is rewarded by the communities we create, abundant in culture and livability and contributing to society as a whole.

Our Vision


The New Leaf Life Spaces represents Hyderabad's fastest growing property development company, focused on positive outcomes for its buyers, its community and its people. New Leaf Life Spaces is a high-performance group of destination makers and precinct developers who push the boundaries and challenge the norms through development of urban communities. The New Leaf Life Spaces brand vision recognises the company's capacity as not only a developer, but a leading builder with an eye on better social and economic solutions into the future.

The Newleaf Life Spaces Promise

Our Promise tells our customers and communities what they can expect when they partner with Newleaf Life Spaces. It is a solemn assurance that drives our behaviour and guides our actions.

Engaged Communities & Customers

We understand the privilege of working within communities, and seek to remain professional and respectful.

Quality Built Environments

We know that quality is the very essence of our approach to business and is a hallmark of our success.

Sustainable Projects

We plan for the long term and ensure that our ongoing development projects will stand the test of time.